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Care Instructions


Your naturally dyed or woven garment is handmade in Guatemala. Keep in mind, your garment was constructed from the earth, meaning no synthetic chemicals were used. This makes the piece high quality, honestly designed, wonderfully unique and one-of-a-kind. Take extra special care while wearing and washing to maintain the beautiful colors and longevity of your garment. Note that your garment will arrive pre-washed and will not shrink. 

Prolong your garments life by gently hand washing it in cold water with a neutral unscented soap. Do not put the garment in direct contact with the soap. Instead, make the water soapy and give it a swirl wash. After this step, rinse the garment with clean, cold water to finish. Gently press your garment rather than ringing it out. Hang dry or flat lay your garment indoors or in the shade. Avoid direct sunline as it can cause fading.

Using a pH neutral cleanser is very important since our naturally dyed garments are susceptible to hue change when in contact with highly acidic substances (soda, vinegar, coffee, lemon juice, white wine, etc). If you do run into a stain issue with your garment, spot treat it with neutral unscented soap and water. 

You can also have your garment dry cleaned as long as it is at an EcoCleaner. These establishments are becoming more popular and they are environmentally conscious with their cleaning practices.

If you would like to remove any wrinkles in your garment, you may use a steamer but we suggest using distilled water and being extra careful while steaming. 

If you find any subtle snags or variations in your garment, it is because our fabric is hand woven and entirely handmade from start to finish. This is normal. 

If there is baking soda in your deodorant, this can react with the ingredients used to create our naturally dyed garments. If you notice a change in the color of your clothing, proceed by following the washing instructions above and the color change should reverse itself. 

Naturally dyed garments can fade overtime. We hope that because it is uniquely made, you will embrace the natural changes that may occur.


We suggest hand washing in cold water with a neutral unscented soap. Hang dry in the shade or lay flat indoors. You can also have this garment dry cleaned. 


Our bucket bags are handmade and one-of-a-kind. Because the textiles on our bags are up to 60 years old, there may be subtle snags in the pattern. We recommend gently cutting the threads and not pulling them. To give your bag extra longevity, you can use a scotch guard brand protector on the textile of the bag. You can also use a leather conditioner if desired, however, we believe our bags look better by allowing the leather to naturally wear.