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Meet the Founder


Ever since Taylor was a little girl, expressing herself through clothing and accessories was something she loved to do. Her family and friends would agree that her personal style drastically changed from year to year as she experimented with her fashion freedom, which ultimately helped shape who she is today. Taylor obtained a bachelor’s degree in Advertising along with a minor in Fashion Merchandising from Texas State University. Afterwards, she worked in the retail industry for a few years.

Throughout Taylor’s life, she visited a few developing countries where she met people who so desperately craved work in which they could practice what they loved. Being exposed to a different way of life allowed Taylor to mix her dream of one day owning her own clothing brand with helping and providing work for others. The individuals she met while traveling overseas planted the seed in Taylor's heart that is now Layne Collective.


A   M E S S A G E   F R O M   O U R   F O U N D E R

“After graduating college, I immersed myself in the retail industry and after a few years, I fell out of love with the process. I didn’t like not knowing where the garments I purchased and sold were coming from. The clothing industry is so bloated with cheap goods and the only way they’re so cheap is through cheap labor and often harsh working conditions. As a community, we discard so many clothes every year. Instead, why not have more of a holistic approach and try to change our consumption habits? This is when I realized what I really wanted Layne Collective to be all about. I want people to know the name of the individual behind the creation of the garment they are wearing or the accessory they are using. There are real people behind everything we purchase and I think often, we forget that. By partnering with artisans overseas, we are providing them with a living wage income and employing them to practice the traditional methods of clothing production which I think is so special. By doing so, we are protecting lives and the planet. I want people to learn how important sustainability in the fashion world is. A $10 t-shirt cannot possibly provide a living wage for an individual. By shopping secondhand or supporting small ethical businesses, you vote with your dollar and take one step forward in changing the harmful cycle of fast fashion. This passion is the heart of Layne Collective.” – Taylor

 Founder & Designer, Layne Collective