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Our Mission

Layne Collective embodies a sustainable approach to creating special pieces that protect the planet, as well as the lives of those involved in the creation of the goods.

We take pride in being environmentally conscious and providing fair wages for each individual.

Every piece is honestly designed and handcrafted by individuals in Guatemala, India and the USA, while using sustainable materials and remaining true to their roots.

We embrace bridging the gap between creator and consumer, while encouraging our customers to support ethical fashion rather than mass production. We do not believe in fast fashion; we believe in creating fewer timeless pieces that are higher quality.

We want our customers to not only feel confident in the products they’re wearing but also feel confident in their purchase.

We want to pay respect to the lives of the artists who sewed, dyed, weaved, embroidered and developed each garment. We hope when wearing Layne Collective, you will feel connected to the earth and the individuals who handcrafted your special piece.